Queen's College - Guyana (Alumni) South Florida

For those who attended Queen's College, Georgetown, Guyana.


Dear Alumni,

The Queens College Alumni Association of South Florida welcomes your regular participation in our meetings in which we plan and implement activities that do honor to the alma mater that produced us, and to whom we are all indebted.

We believe that we honor our alma mater by helping to produce more offspring/students that make a difference in their communities in our mother country, Guyana, in the Caribbean, and in the world at large. Queens College has been producing many such students in its 165 year history.

Our Goals

Our Alumni Association is one of several QC Alumni Associations whose purpose is to bring together alumni who live abroad, and to help ensure that QC maintains the exceptional educational standard for which it has been known throughout its history.

The association has done much to help foster the educational environment in which academic excellence can be achieved and maintained at Queens College. Our goal is to help maintain that environment, and we invite you to help us in this effort.

Over the years, our fund-raising events have helped align the school with the needs of the 21st century by providing computer technology, books and other educational material for the school. These contributions have gone a long way in keeping QC at the highest rankings in the Caribbean Examinations system and in the Commonwealth.

A sound mind in a sound body

We also believe that sport is an integral part of the educational experience. Going forward, we want to ensure that QC returns to the refrain of our school song, “Corpus sic tibi sanum, sana mens servabit”
(A sound mind in a sound body). To that extent, our fund-raising efforts have started the drive to healthier minds and bodies through sports, by donating sports equipment to the school and by assisting in setting up its sports activities.

Maintenance of the QC standard is an ongoing project, and we need your help. You can help by participating with our association in our meetings which are held monthly at our headquarters in Hollywood, Florida. We would be delighted if you were able to be present at our next meeting. If this is really not possible because of distance, we also plan to hold a few Telephonic/Skype meetings every year.

Information on our next meeting will be sent to you via e-mail. We look forward to seeing you there.

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