49er Front Office Forum

Welcome to the 49er Front Office Forum. This group was created for Niner Fans as a forum to discuss debate player acquistions, trades, draft mocks, and overall intelligent debate/ discussion about 49er football during the ofseason, as well as during the season. Mock drafts, free agency, roster discussions, as well as player development, schematics, and other Niner football subject are the focal point of this forum as well. This group is for NINER FANS only, and Fans from other teams and especially TROLLS will be banned immediately. No racist, homophobic, xenophobic, comments OR personal attacks will be tolerated. if you cannot respect other's opinions and embrace debare without using these, this is NOT the forum for you. this is also a forum to post the latest Niner News, and all memebers are encouraged to post news here as a means to keep some of the best Niner Fans in the world updated on the latest/ breaking news abut our team.