Aime's Jam-AZING Jamberry Hostesses!

I'm Aime, and I am your Jam-obsessed Jamberry consultant! Jamberry Nail Wraps are vinyl material with heat-activated adhesive that add beauty and fun to your fingers and toes! As a mom, a bit of a tomboy, and a major nail-biter (it wasn't pretty...), I've always been someone who has never cared much about getting my hands "pretty" and I never really had the time for it. That all changed when I was introduced to Jamberry Nail Wraps!! I saw their football wraps, and became intrigued. I knew I could never paint footballs on my nails, and quite frankly I didn't feel the time and effort to do so was worth it when I knew the nail polish would chip off in a few days. So when I got a free sheet of accent wraps, I gave them a try- not really expecting much to be honest! I had painfully short nails from all of my constant biting, and I expected it to be difficult to put the Jams on my nails with them being so short. And like I said- I was never big on pretty nails anyway. To my pleasant surprise, I fell head over heels for Jamberries!!! My first application took me about 30 minutes, but it was very simple to do! And they stayed PERFECT the entire 2 weeks I wore them. No chips, no peeling up- in fact had it not been for the fact that my nails had grown and there was a bit of a gap of nail showing where it had grown I could have kept on wearing them! In just a few weeks after I first tried the wraps my nails and hands looked amazing! Before, I always had split cuticles, peeling skin around my nails, and jagged looking short nails. Now I have long, beautiful nails, healthy cuticles, and I have BROKEN MY NAIL BITING HABIT!!! I am so excited to share Jamberries with you and for you to fall in love with them too!!! You can find my personal Jamberry website at