Belizean, West Indian, Creole Language and Sayings (Facebook Education)

As Belizeans we compromise many different languages, races and ethnicities. The one thing that makes us truly Belizean is our creole language which is spoken and understood from the Rio Hondo up North to the Sarstoon River Down South... If you baan dey, you baan dey and you understand we beloved creole language! We owe a debt of gratitude to the Baymen...Black freed slaves who settled Belize and were very welcoming of all the other ethnic groups and languages that came to our Beloved Belize.. Belize by its location in the Caribbean is approximately 1 hr from the Island nation of Jamaica and the rest of our West Indian sister countries. We share a common British heritage with the Caribbean countries through our origin, proximity, and interdependence socially, politically, and economically.