Cross Lake Swap n Shop

1) Local or live in Northern Manitoba.
2) Looking to buy, sell, trade or give away: Furniture, Clothing, Electronics, Appliances, ATVs, Snow mobiles, Cars, Trucks, SUV'S, Boats, Concert/Sports/Social Tickets, Crafts/Supplies, Pets, etc
3) Trying to get the word out about: Local Raffles, Bingos, Fishing Derbies, Bake Sales, Pizza Sales, Supper Sales, Yard Sales, Social Functions
4) Advertising your local or home based business. If you are a non-local business owner and would like to post here, please email me at
You are buying and selling on your own terms. Administration is not responsible for what you choose to buy or sell. You may wish to be contacted via facebook, email, telephone or cell phone, please use your own discretion when posting your contact information.
This group page is for fun, and will not tolerate inappropriate comments or photos.
1) This is not a political group. No politics.
2) If you post, then you must delete as soon as you no longer need the post. DO NOT POST UNTIL YOU FIGURE OUT HOW TO DELETE!!!!!
3) If you want your post near the top of the page where more people will see it, scroll down, find your old post, and make a comment. This will bump your post back to the top of the page. A big thank you to those of you who have figured this out!!
4) Do not post a pic and say “IBM for info”, you’re wasting peoples time!!!!
5) Whether you are buying or selling, a good description is required. MUST STATE PRICE OR WHETHER YOU’RE OPEN TO OFFERS!!!!! Except for businesses.
6) Do not get upset if I inbox you to remind you of the group rules. I’m just trying to keep everyone happy. No hard feelings, eh.
7) NO SWEARING when posting or making comments. Remember, there are kids who visit here also.
8) DO NOT POST LOOKING TO BUY, SELL, OR TRADE PORN, ALCOHOL OR DRUGS (PRESCRIPTION OR RECREATIONAL) Any person that does so will be deleted/banned without notification.
9) Posts are deleted one week from date posted. Feel free to repost the same post every 7 days.
10) Food sales are deleted by midnight unless your post states that you are selling later than midnight.
11) Locals: designate ONE person to advertise your sale/event. One post per sale/event per day. Remember it’s easy to find your post & bump it back to the top of the page by making a comment on your post. Or delete the old post before reposting.
12) Non-locals: one post per sale/event per week. Unless you're willing/able to delete previous posts in order to repost. Remember that you too can bump a post back to the top of the page.
13) When posting notices of local events or services please provide all relevant details, costs (if any), hours of operation, list of contact people, etc.
Thank you so much,