Buy/Sell/Trade it in Dexter, Ann Arbor, Chelsea, Pinckney, Manchester, etc

This is a place to buy, sell, and search for gently used items.

Please tell your friends and add them to the group if they are from any area! It is up to you, how far you want too travel for a item.

Selling Rule of Thumb -

Rules/Important Info for our Online Member to Member "garage sale" type of group where those in group can sell and buy--- household, clothing, sports equip, tools, vehicles, crafted items, etc. Please read and adhere to rules:

1. Keep it legal and PG-13. Certain postings may require permission from admin. Those that do not involve an item for resale, for example an event, a charity, a request for help. Donations MUST have some sort of documentation attached. Unfortunately there have been many fraud cases on other fb selling groups that deem this necessary.

2. No spam, Direct or Multi-level selling, etc.

3. Communication is key in making sales and purchases. Try private messaging each other to work out sales, meets, etc. We encourage members NOT to post where and when you are meeting for safety reasons. As admins we are not responsible for transactions in any way so we always suggest you be completely aware of who and what you are buying as in is AS-IS, with no refunds implied or typically given.

4. To claim an item or get in an order to’s suggested to use the word INTERESTED and follow up with seller in a timely fashion (12 hour limit then the seller can go to next buyer.) Likewise, sellers MUST respond to questions and buyers within 12 hours max.

5. Items must have accurate description, one price, location and how seller wants to exchange item (ex. pick up, meet, etc.) Any postings without that info may be deleted.

Please delete your items promptly after deal is done. To clean up the site, We cannot stress enough the need to “clean up” after ourselves and delete delete delete.

6. Multiple items from one seller need to be on the same posting within reason to be polite. Use an album or multiple picture setting please. Smart Phone users have problems with the album option so please understand.

No more than one bump a day

7. Sellers reserve the right to include in their posting the right to take the first buyer with payment. However, please note that whoever commits to buying first as proven by the time stamp on the PM or posting is the legit buyer.

8. Items are generally sold as is – no refund. The group and its administrators cannot be held legally responsible for any related transactions, meeting problems or conduct. We recommend buyer/seller’s meet in a public place with cameras on the transaction if there is concern. Sellers do have the right to offer a refund and it’s always a prudent idea to stand behind your product.