Jawaharlal nehru Muslim Atanki tha aur faarukh abdulla usaki olaad hei

SHIV LING - Know the real meaning:
'LING" in Sankrit means form or mark. “SHIV LING” is shaped like an egg and represents the ‘Brahmanda’ or the cosmic egg. Thus it represents elliptical form of divinity. A glance at the image of 'SHIV LING" shows there is a pillar with three marks and a disc beneath it called 'Peetham' never use the word YONI, as caling YONI is the imagination of wicked mind.
Shiva Lingam represents the totality of the Cosmos and the Cosmos, in turn, being represented as a Cosmic Egg. Again an egg is an ellipsoid depicting with no beginning, nor end. Shiva being worshipped as “LING” means the Consciousness in its primodal form where consciousness is entering into ...the Eternal Energy (Shakti), Here SHAKTI doesn’t represent any female GODESS. As SHIV cannt be associated with the name of any Female Godeses it wrong.
"SHIV LING" personifies the Skambha (cosmic pillar of Vedas – Atharvana Veda 10/7). Skambha , in Vedas, symbolizes the... REALITY that holds this cosmos together. In the context of hinduism, stambha, also spelt as Skambha, is a cosmic column. It is believed that the stambha functions as a bond, which joins the heaven (Svarga) and the earth (prithvi). A number of Hindu scriptures, including the Atharva Veda, have references to stambha. In the Atharva Veda, a celestial stambha has been mentioned.
Some ignorant People consider that the " LING" as male organ & "SHIVLING" means the Sexual organ of SHIV, this is highly idiotic which is absolutely wrong & mischeivous act of the preachers who ever it could be.
The ignorance or mischeif has lowered to the extent of calling the upper part of the LING as Shiva & the base or the disc called as PEETTHAM is misrepresented as as YONI Where the "YONI" represents the Female sexual Organ calling as Shakti. Such interpretations are totally wrong & disregarded. It is is Highly unwarranted to say that the auspicious "SHIV LING" is a union of Male & Female Sexual oragan but also unethical & wicked thought of a Wicked Mind.
The base of the SHIV LING since ancient period is in Square form only not only the natural SHIV LING is eliptical shape without any Base Both are shown in the picture.
A true Hindu should never follow such un ethical thoughts, as 'SHIV LING' definitely stands for a very sacred Vedic thought that is the Cosmic Column."SHIV" is one & only absolute, his name should not be associated wth any Female as his companion, Factually Shiva has no Companion like other Gods he is absolute & non-dual. Never associate the name of PARVATHI with SHIV as PARVATHI is the Wife of SHANKER who is one of the 11 RUDRAS existed as DEV so SHANKER & SHIV are different not same .
It is Clear to all the Hindus that SHIV & SHIVLING are most sacred to the Hindus & in every temple thr exist SHIVLING as every where SHIV is considered as supreme & worshiped First.