Couponing Gods Way at Publix

Here, we will share all Publix Deals! Hopefully everyone in here are in the other groups too and know the rules but if not...this is for Christian, Godly couponing. No fraud, no drama! Anything posted in this group will be correct or deleted! No misuse of coupons, no MISINTERPRETATION of coupons (if thats what you want to call it). Anything but Gods Way will be DELETED! If you dont like or cant agree to these rules please do not request to join.We encourage giving to those in need and we do not allow the posting of yard sales of your stockpile, etc. No spam! No posting of affiliate links without the approval of admin!No Sales of coupons or inserts but we do allow you to trade for the cost of your stamp.! We do allow advertising of some sort but it must be approved by the admin or will be deleted. Please agree to the rules and lets Coupon Gods Way!