Animals for Sale, Free or Wanted in Hagerstown, MD & Surrounding Area's

Page Rules:
*Animal posts only, Can list any animal for sale, free or if you are looking for one.
*Lost and Found animals are allowed.
*Animal Items can be sold
*All animals must be of LEGAL age to be sold or rehomed (8 weeks or older)
*When rehoming an animal please do the proper checks on the adopter to ensure the best home for the animal
*No posts looking for animals to consume as meals, meat or bait
*No animal flipping, if you are reported, you are removed
*No looking for an animal to breed with, I will remove the post. Breeders are welcome to sell animals but we do NOT encourage breeding of animals due to over-population
*No drama or cursing is allowed. If you block and admin, you will also be removed from the group.
*If I see anyone rehoming an animal and then turning around looking for ANOTHER animal, I will remove you from this page!! -The only exception to this rule are fosters, rescues and legit breeders
*Animals are LIFELONG commitments, if you can not commit to life for one animal you sure as heck do NOT need another one!
**Failure to abide by page rules, will result in removal from the group, no warnings are given outside of the rules.