All are welcome, as long as you have love and respect for your country, our country, your people, our people and your culture, our culture 1 love 1 heart.
*Sunday-Family Sunday and plate it Sunday, Pics of your creation.
*Monday-Reach out & touch, expand our group, invite family and friends to join us in the fun and laughter & MCM (man crush Monday)!!
*Tuesday-Comedy Tuesdays, pics and videos that make U CRY with laughter.
*Wednesday-Passa passa Wednesday, discussion day WCW.
*Thursday-Talent music,poetry,dancing soccer & throw back day
*Friday-Freaky Fridays (rated R, maturity) if u cannot tolerate explicits, stay off your page on Fridays!! In advance, I apologize if you're offended, but we are all different and we are free in I AM JAMAICAN TOO (MADHOUSE) to express FREELY!
*Saturday-selfie/celfie pics of YOU & what you do!!