The Act of Forty First Congress Section 34, Session III, Chapters 61 and 62, February 21, 1871; incorporating Seat of Government, Washington City, duly ceded venue for national jurisdiction by proper party States, Virginia and Maryland venue for jurisdiction, setting up private corporation District of Columbia, a foreign jurisdiction to The United States of America, March 1781, entitled UNITED STATES OR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, has confessed to be a federal corporation, 28 USC § 3002 Chapter 176, FEDERAL DEBT COLLECTION PROCEDURE. Corporation never authorized under contract Constitution 1791, no such powers assigned to Congress Article 1 Section 8; admitted and confessed by and through United States Code Title 1 §§ 112,112b, 113, 204, and under Article 6 Original Contract 1791. Thereby said corporation, ultra vires entity, providing goods and services in nature of original obligations foreclosed, returned to original principals, The One People 1776, on cause of bankruptcy, trespass upon The People in their original jurisdictions, theft of properties, benefits taken from commercial slavery operations under sham legal process in kangaroo courts, all assets of any nature or kind, anywhere situated marshaled the reform seized through replevin and was sued by and through The United States of America 1781, The One People’s Public Trust 1776;