Cambridge Archaeological Unit- Archaeologist's Forum

1. This group has been set up to represent the interests and views of the non-management members of the Cambridge Archaeological Unit. It is open to all members of the CAU, regardless of seniority or job description. It includes but is not limited to members of Prospect and UCU. Both of these groups reserve the right to recruit to- and inform members of this group about- their respective organisations.
2. The purpose of this group is to give the field and office team representation within management and a platform for their ideas, opinions and suggestions, as well as addressing problems in their day to day work. It will meet once a month on the first Thursday of each month, with minutes being sent out that weekend. It will be comprised of one elected rep for the unit. Large scale/long term sites are suggested to elect a site rep who is able to bring concerns to supervisors and, if necessary, the unit rep.
3. The group will also provide informal training for its members, using the wide knowledge base of the members of the CAU, as well as conducting more formal ‘best practice’ lectures on field and office work. These will be bi-weekly and begin as soon as reasonably possible.
4. The group seeks to make work at the CAU better for all its employees. It will always try to suggest solutions to any problems encountered by the staff, rather than just being a complaining shop. It will work to improve the quality of its members work, as well as improving their skills and knowledge. It does not seek to belittle or undermine the CAU as a whole or as individuals.
5. The CAU Archaeologist’s Forum strongly advises joining relevant professional organisations and groups such as the IfA, Prospect and The Digger’s Forum.