National Union of Presbyterian Students-Ghana (NUPS-G), is a denominational group of Presbyterian Students from Ghana studying in and outside Ghana.
Since 1958, NUPS-G has been involved in organizing students in Ghanaian schools for fellowship. This has been so beneficial to the mother church and to the nation as a whole.
This NUPS-G on facebook is to create a common platform for current and past NUPS-G members in and outside Ghana to exchange ideas and continue to fellowship where ever we are in the world for our individual and collective growth in the grace of our calling as believers.
Friends, we are taking advantage with globalization to the glory of God. Let us continue to share even as we await the glorious appearance of our God and King.
NUPS-G !!! FOR CHRIST !!!!!!!!
Courtesy: James Nyomakwa-Obimpeh, University of York (UK) -2008.