Broncos Legacy

Welcome to Broncos Legacy, a group where the biggest most die hard of Bronco fans can come together and share our one common passion: The Denver Broncos.

Breaking news, graphics, and opinions are all welcomed and all are free to be shared and posted in here. If you're going to promote merch, please no spam.

**GAME DAY DISCLAIMER** There will be times where people won't agree with people on outcomes of games, etc. I trust that we're all adults and will handle ourselves accordingly. In other words, being an adult and not immaturely bashing others if we disagree. If any kind of racial slurs, kid clowning, personal fallacies start popping up(these would be considered iimmature bashing), tag an admin and we'll handle it.

**One more note** You must be a real profile to be in here. No trolls allowed.

GO BRONCOS!!! The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!!