Berwick Rangers Vs East Stirlingshire - The ULTIMATE in club football!!

A man once said to me.... "Kyle what is your dream, what's the one thing that would mean that you can die a happy man? World Peace? Winning the Lottery? Saving someone's lif"
I interupted within a fraction of a second.
The atmosphere in the busy pub died instantly.
Heads turned to stare at me, the silence deafening.
The from the back I heard it. *CLAP*, ... then another, and another and another. The slow slow clap, picking up speed with more and more joining in all the time. Growing into a crescendo of raucous applause the like of which The Raby had never seen before. Cheers and whistles filled the air as I stood Triumphant!! I necked my pint (stella) and raced towards the door. "Where are you going now Kyle??" said voices from all around.
" I'm going to Shielfield Park, BERWICK-UPON-TWEED!! to watch the greatest spectacle known to mankind, the world cup is for PUSSIES, this is THE ONE, THE ULTIMATE.......MY DESTINY!!!!

heres my favourite East Stirlingshire quote " Me?? I've got Man U to win, Spurs to win, Chelsea to win, Celtic to win, Rangers to win, ..............................................aaaaand East Stirlingshire to get beat!" (Adam Lewis,September 2009, at Coral)