Active Minds Yeshiva University

Active Minds was founded in 2001 by twenty year-old Alison Malmon, after the suicide of her only sibling - brother Brian Malmon - who had just taken a leave of absence from college.

Active Minds is the nation's only student-run mental health advocacy program on college campuses. Dedicated to eradicating the stigma associated with mental illness, Active Minds members work to promote awareness and understanding of the issues on campuses nationwide. We know that mental health issues face thousands of students everyday, and we commit to doing everything we can on campus to bring attention and respect to the cause.

Every chapter of Active Minds on campus chooses to focus on at least one specific aspect of mental illness. Here at YU, because our undergraduate campuses are so small, and thus many people "talk," we have chosen to work toward removing the stigma associated with seeking professional help for a mental illness.

Our goal is to offer as much information necessary to improve the openness of our campus to issues relating to mental illness.