Enid Review

This is a place to Review Business and Services in and around our area. This is not a place For advertising

A few needed reminders

1) Keep all topics clean * No Swearing ect*

2) No bashing of others *Name calling ect*

3) All posts need to include business name or name of service provider

4) Please only post if you have first hand knowledge *in other words please don't post something that someone told you that happened somewhere*

* It's like playing the old telephone game the further the story goes down the line the more likely the events of it get screwed up*

5) Don't use . or bump and other things to bring your post back up.

6) Links to other pages and posts advertising items or places are not allowed.

We are all adults and we expect everyone to treat each other as such. If you are unable to do this you are subject to removal from the group.
Administrators reserve the right to remove posts that are inappropriate to the group

Sometimes events could arise out side of these rules and administrators will take the action that they see fit for the preservation of the group.