Malaysian Atheists, Freethinkers, Agnostics and Their Friends


A gathering of Malaysians who are skeptical of any supernatural beings/deities, who do not believe in such Higher Beings, who challenge oppressive religious authority, who were formerly religious or who simply want to contribute more to healthy skepticism and scientific reasoning!

We welcome Malaysians who champion freedom of thought, rational thinking and who value highly the dignity of fellow humans. We also welcome friends from other parts of the world who share our philosophical views and values.

Code of Conduct:


MEMBERSHIP REQUESTS: Due to an overwhelming amount of requests per day/week/month we are unable to cope with the moderation process of new memberships. Therefore, we have slightly modified the process of membership requests.

Please message any ONE of the admins in this group informing on your request to join the group. If he/she doesn't reply you within a week, please try messaging another admin. We will not approve your request to join the group if we don't receive a message from you first.


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