Canon 6D

Welcome to our Canon 6D Group, please read the rules below before posting.
We have a few rules which hopefully keep our group in order without being to regimental .

1. Please only post links that are relevant to the Canon 6D and the equipment associated with it, these can include reviews, gadgets, lenses, software and all thing photographic.
Please do not post links to your Facebook Page, Twitter, 500px, Flickr or your home page asking for 'Likes'.

2. Only post pictures that are your own, ones you have taken with your own camera.

2. Being a member of this group you are responsible for making sure you are not in breach of any copyright Materiel , the admin's and owners of this group cannot be held responsible for materiel posted by its members.

3. All pictures posted must be your own work, if you wish to post pictures by other people, please make sure you have their permission and you name the person who owns the photograph.

4. You are welcome to sell your photographic equipment in the group, but the seller accepts all responsibility for the sale, the buyer acquires the equipment at his own risk. The admins and owners of this group accept no responsibility for sales done on here, You buy at your own risk.

5. Any abusive behaviour will result in a ban from this group, no exceptions

6. Anybody posting political or religious photographs ,will have their pictures removed and will be banned from the group.

If you have any questions please contact a admin in the members list. Thanks.