Oahu Micronesian Classifieds

Hello and welcome to this group! The purpose of this group is for Micronesians residing in Oahu to be able to buy sell trade or donate any items they wish to as well as post anything regarding yard/garage sales. This group opens up an opportunity for us Micronesians to come together and help each other out. I would like to establish some rules so that everyone can get along and enjoy this group. The first rule is that I am not liable for any type of transaction of items being sold and each person is responsible for their own sales. The second rule is to be sure to add descriptions to what items you are selling keep in mind it is first come first served basis whoever comments after is second in line and so on...Pls be sure to delete your photos or posts if your items are sold or leave a comment saying your item is sold or no longer available. There will be no disrespecting in this group and anyone using inappropriate comments or posts will be removed from the group immediately! So please be considerate and mindful of others! Lastly no sale of anything stolen or illegal in here as well as no pornographic images! Thank you and please bear with me since this is my first group! Enjoy and feel free to invite friends into this page!:)