CREATIVE WRITING University of Freiburg/ ZfS 2009

CREATIVE WRITING University of Freiburg/ZfS/Soft skills

Communication: Creative Writing Course

Module: Creative Writing: Poems, Fiction, Non-Fiction
Lecturer: Satish Shroff, B. Sc., Dipl. Social Sciences, Creative Writing (UK), writer, poet, journalist (The American Chronicle and its affiliated 21 newspapers, USA).
Max. students: 20
ECTS Points: 4 (100 working hours)

Ziel: The aim of this course is to develop and improve language creativity in English, learn successful writing habits, work on one’s creative impulse, learn about basic writing techniques, and develop an idea factory, improve writing skills and try different genres. Whether it’s poetry, fiction or non-fiction, you have to learn the precise use of language and that’s where Creative Writing comes in. If you’ve always wanted to write an anthology or a book, then join us in an atmosphere of mutual respect, tolerance, cooperation and fun in writing.

At the end of the course there’ll be a public hearing (organised by ZfS next semester) where the students present their creative work: poems, short-stories, manuscripts. Prizes will be awarded for the best literary works.Do take part in this competition. The prizes are excellent. The poems, short-stories will be printed in an anthology and in the internet ( Till then, have fun writing. Get those pages filled with or without an egg-clock.