Frito Lay: Bring Wasabi Doritos to the USA! Permanently.

If you were lucky enough to be in Japan at that moment in time, or if your local Asian food store had the foresight, then you may have experienced the glory of WASABI DORITOS. Some say it is a myth, but to those of us who had the pleasure of its company, Wasabi Doritos were a limited-edition, decadent delight.

But the limited edition moment came and went, and we paid 4X the Japanese street price to buy Wasabi Doritos from the Asian stores who imported them into the USA. We were forced to divide up a single, precious, snack-sized bag, chip by chip, and then lick the bag's inner foil lining when we ran out of chips. We have since been forced to snack on Target's Wasabi Hot Mustard chips (if we're lucky to find them in their stores) which lack the classic Doritos corn crunch and seasoning.

This is a movement, and we are directing it at you, Frito Lay:

You are missing out on massive profits by not selling Wasabi Doritos permanently. There is an army of Americans of all ethnic stripes that crave the flavor that only Wasabi Doritos can bring. Are you up to it? Are you willing to bring back Wasabi Doritos permanently AND sell direct to the USA? SAY YES!