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FJ group Shogi member only The 81-square universe! 日本古来の将棋文化の普及とファン交流を目的としたサイトです。 富士通将棋部現役メンバーが主体でOB及びその知人の将棋好きに限定ファンサイトです。 参加資格:将棋文化に理解がありメンバーより紹介があればどなたでも参加できます。 タイトル戦やNHK杯などのテレビ将棋に興味があれば発言もできます。 発言はメンバー内に限定公開です。
The 81-square universe as follows.
Shogi, sometimes called Japanese Chess, is a strategy board game invented and played in Japan. It is based on Chaturanga, an ancient Indian board game that eventually became chess in Europe. Shogi developed in its first form over 1,000 years ago, and its modern form was played as early as 400 years ago, with the oldest recorded game between Sansa Honinbou and Soukei Ohashi dating to June 1607.
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