Employment Opportunities -Trinidad and Tobago

In this group I will share job vacancies available for interested persons. It is up to you to apply.
Any comments or queries on any of the vacancies may be addressed directly to the organization.
Please note that I am not the one placing the ads, and as such I am not responsible for the actual ad or receipt of any C.V.s . This is just a forum for persons to share vacancies and the onus is on the individual to apply. I am not affiliated with any of these companies, just finding the vacancies and sharing them so that persons may help themselves.

I will attempt to update atleast once a week as to any new vacancies. If there is a particular field that you may be interested in and need to get the minimum qualifications and experience, feel free to ask.

Persons who wish to share any upcoming vacancies for their organizations are free to do so- the more the merrier!

Good luck!