You Know You've lived in Englewood, Grove City/Rotonda Florida too long....

1. You Know what Whiskey Corners was
2. You know the copshop used to be across from Whiskey Corners
3. The only fast food in town was KFC or Famous Recipe Chicken
4. You used to call San Casa the detour road.
5. You can remember the clackity clack of the wooden bridges.
6. Pine Street stopped at the county line.
7. Englewood didn't have a hospital just an Emergency Clinic that was a trailer.
8. Publix used to be in PALM PLAZA, and there was only one in the area.
9. True Value used to be Aingers market.
10.There was only two lanes on 776 from 41 in Venice to 41 in Port Charlotte.
11. The only thing at the intersection of 776 and 41 in port charlotte was Desoto Groves citrus stand.
12.There used to be a boat ramp on the west side of the draw bridge.
13. Lemon Bay High School used to be in Grove City until the bounderies mysteriously changed.
14. Lemon Bay High School only went to the 10th grade.
15. You didn't have to PAY to park at the beach.
16. There was only two parking spaces at Stump Pass Beach.
17. There weren't any condos on Sandpiper Key.
18. Calico Jack's used to be a convenience store.
19. Junior's Lounge used to be a Shop and Go Store.
20. Ping's Chinese in Grove City used to be Jones nursery before it was Top Skooters.
21. The Faull Inn used to be the NITE OWL, then Coconut Grove, Helen's Place(mom's bar),and Lone Star Saloon.
22. Rotonda only had one slice of the pie developed.
23. Rotonda used to be fun to drive over humpty hump bridges before the stop signs.
24. You could go to the north end of Sunnybrook and shoot targets in the dirt hills.
25. The only pizza in town was ANGELOS or Mamas.
26. You used to be able to park right up next to the indian mounds at Indian Mound Park and party.
27. McCrory's was the place to have a burger.
28. We used to have a movie theatre..(it's Beef O'Brady's now)
29. There used to be more bars than banks.
30. There used to be just two patrol cars in this part of charlotte county.
31. You know what a skunk ape is.
32. You know what a swamp cabbage is.
33. Chicken tastes like alligator.
34. You used to be able to eat the fish you caught in Lemon Bay.
35. You wish they issued licenses to hunt snowbirds.
36. Pelican Pete's was THE fun place to gocart. (It's torn down now)
37. Gardens of Gulf Cove used to be INDEPENDENCE VILLAGE.
38. You remember when the train would come through to go to Boca Grande phosphate docks.
39. You know who Hitler the Hammerhead Shark is....he's still out there.....
40. THE PARTY PLACES were the flats, the sloghs,the watertank in Rotonda,and the beach.
41. Whiskey corners had a drive thru window.
42. The Lock n Key restaurant used to be a burger stand.
43. Barnacle Bill's used to be on the beach(it's in Grove City now).
44. There WAS another fast food joint besides the two chicken shacks....BURGER QUEEN!
45. You know what and where Hops and Pops was.
46. The only things on rte.771 were the cement plant,truss plant,and the old abandoned airstrip.
47.I-75 only went as far south as Tampa Bay.
48. Alligator Alley was only 2 lanes.
49. Before CVS and Walgreens there was Eckerd Drugs
50. There used to be a laundro-mat in Palm Plaza in the corner.
51. There was a fishing pier on both sides of Tom Adams bridge(draw bridge).
52. Placida rd was only 2 lanes ( 5 lanes now.)
53. It used to cost a $1.50 to go over the bridge to Boca is $4 something now.
54. You know what and where the Beruit Building is.