The punjab school [Tpstianš Groûp]

A group for Students of TPS
This group is only for
>present tps...tians
>ex tpstians


1) Abusing = Bann !!
2) ße in your limits !!
3) Apnay Undr ki Thark ko Group sy bahir rkhain !!
4)Dont flirt!!
5) Mzak bardasht nae kr skte tu kiya ß na krain !!
6) This group is for fun only ! No Vulgar/ Characterless posts
7) in case of Any problem with any Post/member Mention any admin
8) Inbox k issues inbox mai solve krain Agr wall py koi issue Daikha tu I'll ban Both No matter who they are !
9) In anycase Admins Decession Is Final !!
10) Give Respect Take Respect :)
Respect Girls
Respect Admin !
ße like Friends :)

No personal Attacks !
If you don't agree to Above mentioned rules, You May leave the group !! Thanks

$tÅy ßle$$ed ��
EnJøY ❤✌