Beautiful Guyana

Guyanese food is rich in diversity and the cuisine of this place demonstrates the colonial history as well as its own culture. Apart from its unique taste and texture, the Guyanese cuisine lays a lot of stress on presentation of the food. Vegetables and meats prepared in gravy, breads and rice form the staple diet of Guyanese. Mettage and dhol puri are the popular Guyanese food.

Historical And Cultural Influences On Guyanese Cuisine
Due to the location and historical background of Guyana, there are deep impacts on Guyanese cuisine. The culinary styles while making Guyanese food have been adopted from Caribbean, East Indies, Africa and China. Seafood is a prominent feature of these cuisines and many recipes are still relished and are popular in Guyana. Indian cuisine has also influenced the Guyanese food culture. Curry based vegetables, spices and rotis are some of the culinary influences of Indian cuisine. The influences of British can are also visible in Guyanese cuisine through tarts, pastries and bread making in rural areas of Guyana.So Feel free to post any kind of food.