India-Pakistan-Mera Watan Meri Shaan

We welcome all our newly joined members in this forum. We hope y...ou all will follow the rules and regulations.

Dear members, following are the rules of this group and everyone has to follow each one of them.

1) please don't use any abusive word. Keep your debate healthy.

2)religion related discussions are not allowed. Criticism and glorification, both are not allowed.

3) you are not allowed to post anything in regional languages. Use roman Urdu or roman Hindi.

4) you are not allowed to post something which abuses any country or religion.

5) use of abusive language is not allowed. If someone abuses you, just tag the admins

6) you'll be given a warning first. If you repeat your deed, you'll be kicked out of this group.

7) Memes related to Indian flag or Pakistani flag are not allowed in any condition.

8) you are required to provide proper link to support your claim. Any controversial post without any authentic link will be deleted..

9) using the words "endia" and "porkistan" will result in immediate removal of the member who does that

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