Robin's Resale…Home Decor and More!

Robin's Resale is my own personal yard sale page local to the south shore of Massachusetts. I do not ship items. I set up this page with the intention of helping me better organize the many many items I have to list while cleaning out my big old house. This is not a place for others to post items or advertise services. My goal is to post new items daily or at least every couple of days. Here are a few ground rules….
1) If you would like to purchase and item, post "interested"…you are considered first in line and have 24 hours to purchase the item or pass.
2) Please use private messaging to communicate with me to arrange pick-up/payment
3) PLEASE! Make every effort to pick uo in a timely fashion, preferably within 24 hours. I have been holding on to items for far too long and the whole idea of this site is for me to get rid of things.
Please check back often as I will be running sales and other incentives in order to move items off the page and out of my house! Also, please refer your friends! You will be rewarded as well! Thank you!