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~ Page Rules updated 8th October 2014

We request that ONLY Clydesdale CROSS photos, and related events and information are posted on this page. Post’s that are obviously not Clydesdale Cross or supporting our Statement of Purpose - "To promote the use of the Clydie Corss as a Sport and Pleasure horse in Australia" will be deleted without the member being contact by Admin. If you state the words “Clydesdale Cross” or “CC” in your post, it will make it clearer, quicker and easier for Admin to approve your post and less likely to have your post not approved. We ask our members to continue to share Clydesdale Cross Horse Sales, Clydesdale Cross & Heavy Horse Events (that CC owners can participate in) and any other Clydesdale Cross specific information. Our rule of thumb to approve posts are “Would other Clydesdale Cross Owners like to see this post?” and “It is relevant to Clydesdale Crosses?” If YES, we will automatically approve, if NO we won’t. There are plenty of other facebook pages for your lovely pure Clydesdales or other heavy horses.

If you are selling your gorgeous Clydie Cross please make sure that you include in your advert: Location, Price, Height & Age. Please note that for sale adds may only be bumped once every 7 days. Studs - please only promote your Stud once per fortnight at a maximum. No horse Gear at all is allowed anymore, due to it over running the page. Anyone found to be posting outside our Rules or Spamming will have their post, and themselves, deleted immediately (and possibly reported to Facebook). If you're unsure if you can post something on our page, please ask the Admin's we're happy to help.

Photo's - We request a total of only 5 pics per horse per post, and preferably in a collage or album. Copyright - Please do not post photos that are watermarked or copyrighted, this is against the law & such photos will not be approved.

Respect - If anyone is rude or disrespectful of others, you will be deleted without any warning. Remember this is a public forum. If you don't want the public's opinion, don't post. This is a fun forum about our love for the Clydie Cross, and we'd like to keep it this way, we’re very proud of the high standard of members we have on this page, and the freedom that our members have to post any question. If anyone has any other suggestions to help administrate this page, please let us know.

Regards, Admin – Errin Whittingham (CCSHA President), Linda Leach (CCSHA Secretary) & Robbie Auhl (CCSHA Treasurer)