Extreme Cowboy Racing

The EXCA is the original and only recognized association for the sport of Extreme Cowboy Racing. The Extreme Cowboy Race™ was originated by the first “Original Extreme Cowboy”, Craig Cameron.
This group was created for EXCA members and enthusiasts to have a common meeting place - to ask questions and promote their EXCA Sanctioned events.

We ask that you cooperate by putting your pictures in an album rather than individual posts. Also, please do not post other group events/unsanctioned group events, real estate, sale horses, trailers, tack, pets, jewelry, clothing, accessories, employment and miscellaneous items for sale. Please refrain from political or highly controversial topics (such as horse slaughter and rescues.) They will not be tolerated in this group nor will rude or sarcastic comments.

If your post is deemed inappropriate for this group, it will be deleted. Please do not "bump" your post continuously.

Have fun - we look forward to your participation - and thank you for your cooperation.