~•Literate Roleplay•~

Hello, welcome to the group Literate Roleplay! Please enjoy your stay here and if you have any problems, please contact one of the admins and we will try to help as best as we can. Now, let's get straight to the rules!

1. I would like to see 8+ sentences. This is a literate group so please use proper grammar. If you break any of the rules, you risk being removed from the group. This group was made to bring together the best of the best. We all put dedication into our roleplays, so we expect it in return!
2. Any type of orientation is allowed in this group. I feel a lot of people don't like the idea of girl and girl, or boy and boy, but these are allowed as long as they're appropriate meaning no sexual pictures or content. We have members of all ages in this group, so we would like to keep it safe for the 'innocent' group members.
3. NO PORN. We do not wish to see naked females or males in this group. I will take this very seriously and will immediately remove you from the group. There will be no 18+ YAOI, HENTAI, OR YURI. Also, please no incest. It's just wrong in my opinion although some people like it. If you want to do these things, take it to PM, with consent of course.
4. Be nice to others. We'd like to see this group grow into a family of sorts. I do not want to see anyone bullying another member by saying that their RP sucks or some stupid shit like that. I want all to be treated equal and I better not see any bullying! I'll hit your eyeball.
5. NO ADVERTISING GROUPS ON HERE. It gets quite annoying that all people want to do is advertise their groups. If you advertise your group or another,I will immediately remove you from the group. People have been saying that they've ask for my permission when they really haven't,so thanks for the rest of the people for ruining it.
6. For the most part, these rules should be followed constantly. Any genre is allowed here, and we sincerely hope you all enjoy each others role plays.
7. No real life pictures!
No real life pictures will be used such as posting pictures of a model or of yourself will be prohibited. If I see this, I will band you. This is a 'anime' only group along with any cartoon photos will be allowed such as 'fantasy' like drawings.
7. Don't come complaining to me if I remove or another admin removes one of 'your' friends. I will not change my mind about my decision and I'll boot you Id you also keep up the act or if you talk smack to one of our admins. I assure you all of us care a lot about you guys.
Have a great time here and get posting! People are waiting to have fun!