Friends of Hōkūle'a and Hikianalia Living in Samoa.

To whom it may concern, Please note this isn't an advertisement as we want the world to know the truth about our very ancient history as the proof is there if one is willing to seek it, OK! Interesting subject about our very ancient Whakapapa/heritage trouble being most only know since the arrival of Maori to Aotearoa/New Zealand. Modern science DNA tell the Polynesian came from China or Taiwan but Maori are not Chinese meaning they only sojourned there from somewhere else. Our discovery of this became available before anyone else, before computers, before universities, we found whilst studding Egyptology at college back in 1960s, this data is told within the pages of our excellent work for all to read as to where the ancient Polynesian actually came from, not from India, not from Egypt, not from Tahiti as some tell, as these folk were brought together from war torn countries coming together collectively to form what is now known as a single people, then after sojourning in Taiwan left China to make a pathway for others by crossing the vast Pacific. The beginning / Alfa comes from sixty years of research moreover it has brought together a collection of professional people around the world who have contributed to this masterpiece thus forming a realistic point of view as to how, where, and when it all came together, I'm only the writer...The first chapter is a free read, don't be like others by just reading the first five pages as that's it's only the beginning the rest is a real learning curve for all cultures to ponder over to debate or what ever. I've handed out some of these books to Iwi (tribes) in Northland and they find it exciting stuff as it focuses on their Whakapapa (Heritages) giving answers to what was lost, and proof of the Polynesian Waka voyages throughout the Pacific...Photo shows world before the last Ice Age whereby immigration came through not only the Bering Sea crossing from modern day Russia to Alaska but also through and around Antarctica when both poles were free of ice... Take a look at our special page by writing the title 'Before Maori NZ's First Inhabitants' for videos/photos plus comment from readers, OK! Remember this collection is for all to share of our ancient past it's there for all to see... Please don't remove from this page remember it's our heritage too...Cheers Ross M Bodle