KFC is a group for the members. An individual's case will be a matter of the heart, its about the freedom of expression. We meet, interact as a family and make friendships with RESPECT for all being a priority.
Its a non political/tribal group, UNITY knows no differences, even RELIGION. Exchange of positive ideas is greatly encouraged, LOVE for another being the reason behind the formation of the group.
DIGNITY and REPUTATION are key factors; and by that we should be mindful with our displays not to offend any member(explicit materials such as nudity and porn, cult practices and abusive languages are not, by any chance, welcomed). OPINIONS will be highly appreciated, it is the basis of TOGETHERNESS.
REMEMBER that this is a fun club, therefore dont take anything seriously. We are all a loving family. We stand for each other and by each other. WE_ARE_KFC. PEACE BE UPON YOU ALL, GOD IS LOVE