Canon 7D Talk, Share Info and Pictures

Post Any thing u think others should know about the 7d, I just bought one and would love to see examples of pictures and info on how u get that picture (like settings)..7D Pictures only...

1) Please do not post photography gear for sale, I have a group for that as well and if u want to join plz ask me for link, but sometimes i will post the link...I want to keep this group for others to learn their 7d Canon and See Pictures :)

Things NOT allowed:
+ ANY Selling of ANYTHING, phones, ipads, ipods, laptops, computer, scanners, costumes, clothes, newborn props backdrops, etc......
+ posting contests, giveaways, links to personal websites, FB pages to get likes, etc. (Groups are ok)

2) If you post has been deleted, it's because the above rules were not followed. Continually not following the guidelines will lead to dismissal from group.

3) Questions? Comments? E-mail me

Thanks For Joining Guys, I hope my Group helps out those who are in Need of any info, If your a professional and don't want to give advice please don't join, Please do not Critique any one if they do not ask for it, and if so be reasonable and not so harsh that you hurt feelings...

Let's have fun and let's Learn from others.

Christy Hall