2009-2013 Nissan Maxima - 7th Gen A35

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This group is aimed at car enthusiasts who own a 2009-2014 Nissan Maxima (7th Gen A35). We welcome enthusiasts and owners of all cars to the group! We are a NEWBIE FRIENDLY group; meaning feel free to ask questions if you have them and please do not ridicule those who are trying to better themselves with more knowledge about their vehicle. In the Files section we have a growing archive of information for the 7th Generation Maxima including factory service manuals, lists of known available parts, and many DIY's.

Please check the Events section of the group to see if there are local shows in your area that other community members are going to! Please add your own local events, or message Dom or Dan we can add them for you. Get active in your local community, you may be surprised how many other people are close to you that would like to get more active too!

We also have and are constantly building a network of reliable and helpful vendors. We have reps from STILLEN (Mark Dorman), aFe (Josh Biggers), CXJ Performance (Cory James), and many more smaller vendors in the group so if you have any questions about aftermarket parts or services just ask in the group. We have many performance shop owners, re-sellers for parts, and other great sources of information in the group, so if you're looking for a local shop or local service or just the best place to buy a specific part or have questions about a part, you're in the right place.

On the 20th every month, 7GM hosts a STILLEN sponsored Maxima of the Month contest! This award comes with a small prize courtesy of STILLEN and special 7GM MOTM decal. Only 7th generation Maximas may enter. Once the thread is posted, you may enter by posting up a pic of your ride (limit to 2 maximum) and a mod list.

Remember to be respectful of others! Our group has a 0 tolerance policy for personal attacks, threats, harassment, or spamming. We encourage discussions, even heated ones, but keep things civil. You will be removed if you go out of your way to bring negativity to the group that is unwarranted.

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