2009 Dartmouth College Transfers

As a result of the impressive accomplishments of students in our transfer applicant pool, transfer admission is highly competitive. Many qualified students are denied admission.
In evaluating the records of transfer applicants, the Admissions Committee seeks to admit those students whose scholastic and personal records suggest that they can successfully complete the academic work of the College and add significantly to the quality of campus life. Evidence of intellectual capacity, motivation, and personal integrity are of great importance in the selection process.
Primary emphasis is placed on the college transcript, personal essay, and recommendations from your college faculty and administrators.
The Admissions Committee also looks for evidence of such qualities as creativity, tenacity, intellectual curiosity, and independent thinking. Your high school record, extracurricular interests, and work experience also are considered. Personal qualities such as leadership, energy, enthusiasm, motivation, and a sense of responsibility are important in the decision making process.