Australia and Timor-Leste Friendship Youth Network

Welcome! We are a group of young people from universities across Victoria working together with students from Timor-Leste to build a friendship network. This page is an arena to share information on issues that affect us as young people and a space for discussion on topics of interest.

Bemvindu! Ami husi grupu foin sa’e universidade atraves Victoria (Australia) servisu hamutuk ho estudante husi Timor Lorosa’e hodi hari’i rede amizade ida. Pájina ida ne’e hanesan arena ne’ebé hodi fahe informasaun konaba asuntu ne’ebé afeta ita hanesan ema foin sa’e no hanesan mos spasu ba halo diskusaun konaba tópiku ne’ebé interesante.

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