My Gambia 2014 2015

Well after the hussle and bussle of the weekend the work gets harder. Potentially two days to completely wire up the prototype system as well as assemble the towers. Then concrete 12 towers in place and go on to play a game before leaving the village. Even myself being a sceptic has serious doubts if we can pull this off, but too much pride, financial investment and a will to see it happen is the driving force. I just wish ignorance would take a back seat. Infections come and infections go but life is about living the dream and this is a dream that the spartan army now faces. I've every faith in all my colleagues on this trip, we will not go quietly into the dark, we will prevail and all the sceptics who for one reason or another cannot assist will miss out on the biggest wildest and most insane project ever undertaken. These words are my own after much soul searching and disappointment but I'm not giving up and neither will my team. I felt I needed to say this and so I did. Gambia 2015 rumble in the jungle will happen.