Exploring The Dynamics Of Taino And African Culture In Puerto Rico

This group is specifically to discuss, share, and post articles, pictures, experience... Etc on how the Taino and African cultures have influenced us as Puerto Ricans. History, culture, foods are all up for discussion so that we may learn from one another. No racist, disrespectful, or sexist comments will be tolerated in the group. Let's enjoy ourselves and learn from our True History. How did the past shape who we are today as Boricuas? Let's find out together! Feel free to discuss Boricua popular culture, sports, recipes, jokes (tasteful)... I want this to be a group where we feel free as Boricuas to express ourselves without offending others, after all our ancestors suffered so that we may be happier and experience other things. The group will always represent our culture. Peace and love. Xoxo!