530-916 Rescued pets adoption and rehoming animals

《Group Rules》
《0》All group members must agree to and follow all group rules.
《0a》Any post violating group rules can or will be deleted without notice.
《0b》Violation of any group rule can or will result in a warning, suspension or indefinite removal.
《1》Love on and properly take care of your animals daily!
《2》When posting your animal(s) list a photo with the following information: Gender, Color/Breed, Age, Location, Rehoming Fee/Free.
《2a》When posting In Search Of, begin post with "ISO" and the following information: Gender, Color/Breed, Age, Location, Price range/Free.
《3》Our goal here is to find loving homes for animals not make money. Asking for a rehoming fee is acceptable. Selling purebred animals for profit is prohibited here.
《3a》Rehoming fees may not exceed $100 (One Hundred Dollars). Requesting the maximum fee is obviously acceptable but still discouraged.
《3b》Official rescues who's adoption fee exceeds $100 are the only exception to this rule.
《4》Discovery of any form of animal abuse will be reported and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
《4a》It is illegal to rehome your kitten or puppy before they are 8 weeks old. You may advertise them to find a forever home. DO NOT separate them from their mother before!
《5》When posting/commenting in the group be respectful and considerate. Inappropriate posts/comments in the group are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.
《6》The following topics that abide by group rules are acceptable :
●All posts listing or searching for animals.
●Any animal relevant questions requesting help or opinions.
●Any positive animal story, photo or other meme.
●Any updates about previously posted animals.
●Any event or service hosted by a rescue or shelter.
《6a》Privately hosted events or services require administrator approval before posting.