MOBB - Mothers of Black Boys

Moms of Black Boys United is an organization focused on policy and perception impacting how Black boys and men are treated by law enforcement. The purpose of this FB group is to provide a private discussion forum for moms and women who are primary caretakers of Black sons to share our concerns, fears, anxieties and hopes and to propose solutions to the very real challenges our children face in surviving and thriving in America. Members are encouraged to share images and information that celebrates our sons and supports, educates and uplifts other moms. This inclusive group is a safe space for all moms of Black boys. We welcome healthy debate on issues related to our purpose and ask you to remain positive and respectful of other moms. Thank you for joining!

[Please note that MOBB United is not affiliated with MOBB, Inc. in Columbia, SC. Please do not use the MOBB Inc. name or direct any inquiries to MOBB, Inc.]