Executive Records

Executive Records was formed in 2004 by Sydney’s Ben Hayes as an... outlet for both his own productions and those emerging from a number of talented young Australian artists such as Haze, Weaver, Dover, JTS, S3RL, Antix, Suae, Tom-E, Destiny, Reazn & Implex. Kicking off to an explosive start, Executive Records has already unleashed a series of powerful, soaring efforts and will be covering hardcore in its broadest sense, incorporating uplifting vocal numbers and tough freeform pounders, but always keeping things euphoric and musical.

With past releases earning plays at the biggest raves and receiving rave reviews in the pages of Mixmag, it looks like Executive will become the first truly global hardcore outlet to come out of the Australian hardcore scene. Rock on!

WEB: http://www.executive-records.com/

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