John F. Kennedy High School Wheaton MD '69--'73

This is a group for members of the J.F.K. graduating classes of 1966 through 1973.

I will do my best to find out the graduating class of anyone who submits a membership request. It would help if, when submitting, everyone would send me a private message telling me to which graduating class they belong. I promise I will check my "other" folder at least once a day. If I don't receive a message, I may attempt to contact the person wishing to join the group to get more information. If you submit a membership request but don't send me a private message, please check your "other" folder in case you have a message waiting from me. Thanks

Carol Dale (formerly Carol Cunningham, class of '73), Group Administrator

Send a message to me here:

For people who graduated in the '70s after 1973, there is a group that is specifically for all 1970s graduating classes. That group can be found here: