Nanango-Kingaroy Pets for sale

This is a group for people to post their pets and accessories for sale or give away. It is also a place where people can share their stories, show off their beloved pets, and ask for advice.

Please note:
- Any puppies/kittens for sale/ give away MUST be over 8 weeks of age.
- Any dog/ puppies/ cats/ kittens for sale/ give away MUST be microchipped before being rehomed.
-Scammers will not be tolerated! Please make every attempt to see an animal before handing over money for it.
- please note people selling birds not weaned (if hand-raising) or younger than 7 weeks old. make sure there weaned first before being sold

-any guniea pigs being sold must be at least 5 weeks old, must be mited & wormed any sick guniea pigs should not be sold till there are 100% healthy.

Any post that do not follow these rules will be deleted.

We hope you enjoy our page, and if there are any problems feel free to contact admin.

if you have a animal that you are giving away with out a microchip please let a admin know before posting thank you :)