Honduras' Children

Hello everyone! All of you have asked me how to help children in Honduras and their families. God bless you for having interest on this children of one of the poorest country in Latin America. For a long time I thought of doing maybe, a newsletter, or report on the work we do with the children and their needs, but I am constantly busy and don't find the time. John gave me this idea of forming a group on fb, thanks to fb, and update you on what is happening. I will be posting pictures of the families. There are endless families, but we have close contact with just a few. If you are interested to help a specific family or just one child on that family, please let me know. I will be writing about their background and what they do at the present. So far, I only have one family linked to one of you. I am not sure what else I should put here, but please let me know if you need to know anything in specific. This is a closed group, but I welcome anyone who is interested to join; please let me know. Thanks to all of you!!