CSP/SAHE of Miami University

We are members of a community of scholars, working collaboratively with other students, faculty, and staff to create, understand, and apply knowledge to help ourselves develop a professional identity.

Every community is based on shared principles -- beliefs that guide the day-to-day actions of its members and provide a common sense of belonging and understanding.

We live these values through our admission practices, classroom interactions, assistantships and supervised practices, and our relationships with each other.

These values are:
*Situating learning in students' experiences
*Self reflection
*Integrating theory, inquiry, and practice
*Engaging in constructive collaboration and creative controversy
*Challenge and support

This group is for all members of the past, present, and future members of our community of scholars - no matter if you identify with CSP or SAHE. We welcome all and invite everyone to actively engage and contribute to the development of our community.