Guineapig transportation Norway-Harrogate-Norway 2015

This group has been created to establish contact between buyer-seller before Tom Erik and Annfrid travel to Harrogate 2015
All details have not been worked out yet as to the route of travel, the exact number of animals we will be able to bring and shipping fees.
We will get back to you as soon as we have more info on the matter.
Annfrid will be on top of booking spots - PM her
Some guidelines for what we will carry and not:
- Mainly Guinea pigs – other small animals will be accepted but only on the term that they are handed to us in a suitable carrier and supplied with adequate food for the trip. We do not have the personal experience to handle these more than necessary.
- Visibly pregnant sows will be turned down du to the health of the sow.
- Young pups should have a bodyweight of more than 350grams – preferably 400grams+.
- ALL animals with any sign of fungal infections, mites or lice will result in us turning down the entire stock from the same breeder. Please take care to use some form of anti parasitic treatment before the trip.
Transport fees will not be repaid in the case of us turning down animals as a result of the above mentioned causes.
- Animals traveling in the same compartment do so on the risk of buyer/seller and they will only be placed together after written consent from both parts.