Shopify Masters

Private mastermind about Shopify and building a successful product e-commerce business.

RULES - You can expect an insta-ban if you break any of these
1.) Do NOT post affiliate links.

2.) Do NOT post links to blogs that promote a product OR have an obnoxious opt-in form. This includes "sharing" posts from fanpages into the group.

3.) Do NOT pimp your Shopify/Ecom services without being given permission first.

4.) Do NOT use the group to siphon members either into your own group, or your list, etc.

5.) Do NOT offer to share products (includes training courses), themes, plugins, etc without being willing to provide proof that you are legally entitled to share it with others.

Want to be added to the Shopify Masters Resources list? Send a private message to Admin Stephanie Henry, with your company name, offer details and proof of happy customers (portfolio and/or verifiable testimonials).