AUSES- Adelaide University Sports Engineering Society

The Adelaide University Sports Engineering Society, AUSES, was established in 2009 by the then second year Sports Engineering students. Sports Engineering is a radical new course offered by the University of Adelaide incorporating the disciplines of Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics and Functional Human Anatomy, in order to produce an engineering student with the specific knowledge relating to sports equipment and athlete instrumentation and optimisation.

Higher level students are currently seeking and undertaking work experience at various sporting institutes such as the Australian Institute of Sport, South Australian Sports Institute and Cycling Australia. Other fields of study and employment include Biomechanics research (human material specimen testing) and Rehabilitation Engineering.

Due to the recent introduction of the Sports Engineering Course, the society is yet to leave the realms of the facebook kingdom and be formed as an official University of Adelaide student group. However, events have been considered, including BBQ's (possibly with celebrity Masterchef and AUSES member Callum Hann) and a Pub-Crawl night (the 'Paro'lympics). Keep your eyes out for these events and further information regarding officialising this wonderful society.